Pet Overpopulation

slide-01Every year, 3 to 4 MILLION healthy cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, are killed in this country’s shelters, simply because they cannot find homes. Countless others are neglected or abandoned on the streets and die of injury or starvation.

These are sweet, innocent animals, just like your family pets. They want to love, and they want to be loved. Yet here in Southern California the statistics are chilling:

Only 1 out of 8 dogs born will ever find a permanent home.

Only 1 out of 10 cats will be that fortunate.

Why is This Happening?

It’s simple, really: supply and demand. Our society produces more dogs and cats than we can provide proper care and shelter for.

Many people either don’t realize, or don’t care, about the need to curb the breeding of cats and dogs. They think it will be fun to let their pets have babies, or that they will make money selling them. But the truth is, for every animal they allow to be born, they are causing one to die for lack of a home.

Here’s why.kitten

Cats and dogs reproduce very quickly, and their young are able to have babies while they are still babies themselves. For example, a female cat can become pregnant at just 4 months of age. 4 months after that, while she is raising her second litter, each of her daughters can have a litter of her own, and so on. That’s how one pair of cats and their offspring can result in 420,000 cats in just 7 years. Dogs begin reproducing at 6 months of age, and can have two litters a year. With larger breeds, litters of 12 or more puppies are not uncommon. Even with average size litters of just 6, one pair of dogs and their offspring can result in 67,000 dogs in just 6 years.

There are an estimated 3-4 MILLION cats and dogs KILLED in animal shelters every year, most simply for want of homes, yet we continue to produce more than 70,000 additional kittens and puppies EACH DAY. Even if you think you have homes lined up for your kittens or puppies, there is no guarantee that people will actually want them once they are born, or that they will care for them for their entire lives. Worse still, other kittens or puppies who are already here, waiting for homes, will lose their lives because you took their homes.

Can We Stop It?

Yes, we can! There are simple procedures available for both male and female pets—neuter and spay surgeries—that will prevent them from ever having a litter. There are other benefits, too—eliminating mating drives and behaviors makes our animals better pets, more relaxed and focused on their families. They also prevent or greatly lower the risk of reproductive cancers and infections, eliminate heat cycles, reduce the urge to roam and spray, and curb certain types of male aggression, without diminishing protective instincts or abilities.

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Toll-Free Spay/Neuter Hotlines

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