Help Save Dogs and Cats Right Now, from Your Computer!

Even while thousands of dogs and cats are being euthanized each day for want of homes, puppy mills, kitten mills and backyard breeders heartlessly continue flooding the pet market with more.

While they may or may not be breaking local laws, many of them use free ads on Craigslist to facilitate their business. This violates Craigslist’s Terms of Use, which explicitly prohibits posting pet sales, animal parts, stud service.” The exception, “rehoming with small adoption fee ok,” is unfortunately not clearly defined, however it is obviously meant to be a provision for rescue situations, not litters of kittens and puppies bred for profit.

CL relies on community moderation and a system of “flagging” to uphold their standards. That’s where you come in. By monitoring and flagging breeders’ ads, we can make it more difficult for them to profit by exploiting animals.

Here’s how:

  1. On the Craigslist main menu for your area, type the word “puppy” or “puppies” into the search bar. Don’t specify a category—breeders post in all sorts of places, and you will often see the same ad in multiple categories. You can also search by a specific breed of dog or cat if you prefer.
  1. Look at each posting to see if it is a breeder selling puppies. Don’t be fooled by the use of the term “rehoming.” If it looks like they’re selling puppies, click “prohibited” at the top of the page. It will change to say “flagged.” Go on to the next one.
  1. Do this as often as possible, and ask friends to do it, too. It takes more than one flag to get a post removed, and there are thousands of breeders out there, so we need all the help we can get.

If you are unsure if a specific ad should be flagged, just use your best judgment. An ad needs to be flagged more than once, and some types of ads require staff review, before being removed.


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