How we help

In our sixty years of pioneering work in animal welfare, we have learned that three key elements are needed to end the massive slaughter of healthy, loving, adoptable animals:

Low Cost Sterilization—The backbone of our effort to curtail the breeding of unwanted cats and dogs is our system of Spay/Neuter Hotlines. Depending on need and the programs available, we will:

  • Refer callers to vets who offer special low pricing to our clients.
  • Provide information on coupons or vouchers offered by the city or county.
  • Provide information on special programs from other humane societies.
  • Give subsidies to pet guardians who demonstrate financial need.

Our hotline facilitates the spay or neuter of thousands of dogs, cats and rabbits in Southern California each year.

EducationPeople need to be made aware of the enormity of the problem. Every litter adds to the surplus, every puppy and kitten counts. PAF volunteers interact with Southern California residents on a daily basis through our hotlines, online presence, and adoption programs. We have also provided humane education presentations in Los Angeles schools, and hope to expand this program in the future.

Legislation—Across the country, concerned animal advocates are adopting laws and policies to support responsible pet guardianship and fight pet overpopulation. The issues can be complex and are often vehemently opposed by those who profit from breeding, but they are becoming increasingly accepted because THEY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. While concerned pet owners will do the right thing without legislation, the irresponsible and uncaring will not. Good legislation provides the tools needed to stop the excessive breeding of pets that no community can support. Pet Assistance President Wendy Aragon has consulted on the design of numerous Southern California ordinances targeting pet overpopulation, and PAF works hard to get them passed. Be sure to sign up for our e-blasts to be notified of pending legislation that needs your support.


Our Long Beach and South Bay Branches host adoption events in several local Petcos. Click here for more information.