History of PAF


The history of Pet Assistance Foundation chronicles the emergence and development of the humane movement in Southern California. It’s a fascinating story, but the person most qualified to tell it is currently working round the clock to save feline lives during another heart wrenching kitten season.

Please check back at a later date. Meanwhile, here is a brief synopsis, excerpted from our President’s Message:

PAF was founded in 1955 by a group of women who realized that pet overpopulation is the root cause of companion animal suffering. While there were other non-profit humane societies in Southern California founded in the mid decades of the tkittenwentieth century to address companion animal suffering, our founders knew there had to be at least ONE organization dedicated to addressing pet overpopulation. We are, indeed, true pioneers in the field of spay/neuter advocacy.

PAF is unique in another respect. We are one hundred percent grassroots. While we first set roots in Central and Northern parts of Los Angeles, many additional branches sprang up throughout Southern California since our founding. Caring volunteers saw the need in their respective communities to address animal suffering caused by pet overpopulation. They could not help but be struck by the relentless “fallout” of pet overpopulation—the “free puppy and kitten” signs and ads, abandonment, strays in the streets, animals passed from one bad home to another, and the high euthanasia rates in the shelters.