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[tab title=”Can you help me find affordable spay/neuter services for my pets?”]
Yes! Call the hotline for the area you live in, leave a clear message, and a volunteer will return your call. Depending on your need and the programs available, we can:

•    Refer you to vets who offer special low pricing to our clients
•    Provide information on coupons or vouchers offered by your city or county
•    Direct you to special programs from other humane societies
•    Provide subsidies to pet guardians who demonstrate financial need.

Hotline Numbers:

Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties: 1-877-SPAY PET or 1-877-772-9738
Victor Valley: 1-760-247-5312
San Diego County: 1-855-738-7349
[tab title=”Can you help me with vaccines for my pets?”]
We do not subsidize vaccines, however our hotline volunteers can refer you to special programs or low cost vaccine options in you area.

[tab title=”Can you help me with emergency medical expenses for my pets?”]
Unfortunately, we do not currently have funds for emergency medical expenses. Below is a list of some resources that may be able to help you. If they require that your pet be spayed or neutered to receive their services, we may be able to help you with that.

Care Credit, offering interest-free credit for veterinary care, 800-677-0718
RUFF, 949-480-1092
Saddleback Valley Humane/ASPCA, 949-262-5859
PAWS LA, for residents of LA City only, 323-464-7297
Sam Simon Foundation, 888-364-7729
Animal Assistance League of Orange County, 714-893-4393
Pet Orphans, 818-901-0190
Voice for the Animals, 310-392-5153
FACE Foundation, 858-450-3223

[tab title=”I can no longer keep my pet. Can PAF take him/her?”]
Most likely we cannot. We do not have a shelter, and the animals in our adoption program are kept in private foster homes, or with our adoption partners. Space is severely limited.

If you would like to keep your pet, but behavioral problems are making it difficult, we may be able to help you find training or other solutions that will allow you to keep your family together.

[tab title=”Do you need volunteers?”]
Yes! There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Take a look at our volunteer page, and send us an application!

[tab title=”Do you have animals available for adoption?”]
Yes, we do. Thank you for asking! Please see our adoption page for more information.

[tab title=”Do you provide subsidies for spaying and neutering feral cats?”]
Under certain circumstances yes, we do. We are very aware of the immense suffering abandoned and wild-born domestic cats endure. That said, we have found that the most effective way to apply our funds is to support the spay and neuter of owned animals, with committed caregivers. It is not morally or financially sound to alter animals and release them to fend for themselves without a committed caregiver and a habitat they are welcome in. If you need help with a small number of feral cats in a safe location, and are willing to commit to caring for them throughout their lives, we will assist you. If you are concerned about a large feral population, or feral cats living in a hostile environment, our hotline volunteers can guide you through the available options.