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Letters must be received by close of business March 31, 2016

Please email your support letter to:


HR 28 Humane Education (Dababneh)HR 28 was introduced because:
Compliance with Education Code provisions should include educating students on the principles of kindness and respect for animals and observance of laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to the humane treatment of animals, including wildlife and its environment

  • Humane education, such as that involving wildlife, the animals’ place in the overall environment, and the negative impacts humans can have on them, including death and extinction, can disrupt the cycle of animal and human abuse by decreasing a child’s potential to be abusive or neglectful toward animals and, consequently, to promote pro-social behavior toward humans.
  • Numerous academic studies have established a correlation between animal cruelty during childhood and interpersonal violence in adulthood.
  • Humane education programs seek to prevent violence by teaching empathy, compassion, and respect for all living beings and help children develop into caring, responsible citizens.
  • Reputable nonprofit organizations are working to implement humane education programs through in-classroom presentations, teacher training, and the provision of relevant resources, and these organizations could assist California schools in complying with the Education Code’s humane education provisions without burdening school budgets.
  • Children’s lack of exposure to understanding the role animals have in the economy of nature and in people’s lives contribute to a proliferation in the number of wild and domestic animals that are suffering from cruelty, abandonment, high animal shelter euthanasia rates, and, in extreme circumstances, extinction.Additional information is available at HR 28 Humane Education (Dababneh)
    Please email your support letter to:

She is coordinating support from all districts. Letters must be received by close of business March 31, 2016.

Thank you Social Compassion in Legislation for this notification!


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